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  1. Sep01 Oh my Holy God … dokonalosÅ¥? sama … kde sú tie časy keď pokémon a podobné chujoviny eÅ¡te neboli a takéto kvalitné rozprávky vládly naším snom ?

  2. What is going on is image building. Very typical for communist type regimes to build up larger than life images of dear leader to make them be some sort of modern day Caesar, a man who came, saw and conquered.It's done because in real life the politico in question is a nobody who accomplished nothing of note.More accordion than man.

  3. Con los amigos de verdad existe la suficiente confianza como para “saltar a la mínima”, recriminarles cualquier tontería y llevarles la contraria, y demasiado afecto, también, como para traicionarles y dejarles en la estacada.Hay películas que nos acercan a entender ese fenómeno, cada vez más raro, de la auténtica amistad, pero sólo eso. Las mejores películas se viven con los propios amigos, se almacenan en la memoria entre algodones de afecto y nunca se olvidan.

  4. bonjour à tous,je cherche des fournisseurs et ou des loueurs pour ce matériel.et j’ai aussi besoin de conseil, pour des programmes de fiction vous meconseillez le prompteur ou les oreillettes… c’est pour souffler aux comédiens qui auront sûrement du mal à apprendre par coeur le texte pour une cinquentaine d’épisodes…merciiii

  5. My X100 got the same problem – I’ve just had it repaired by Fuji UK. Unbelievably good service – they supplied prepaid packaging, and the camera was sent Tuesday afternoon and returned Thursday morning, complete with new lens assembly. It was out of my hands for less than 48 hours, and now works just like new.

  6. da hab ich nun aber noch mehr fragen, wenn das einspielen von der alpha nun klappt. was genau macht dieses “kitchen” und muss ich auch noch “Kernel + Tweak” ausführen/installieren, wenn ich das hier (nach der alpha) flashen möchte -> CM-6.1.1-Spica-a8.3-LW.v2.12-FULL-CFS-by-Dude-Stock?Vorher müsste ich dann wohl auf ext2, oder?

  7. I’ve wondered about these, but there something about sticking something plastic-y and synthetic in the oven that I just can’t get over! I think one of my sisters keeps one at the bottom of her oven so she doesn’t have to clean her oven – can’t remember for sure – sounds a little scary to me!OK, so now you know one of my many paranoias!

  8. Im no expert, but I suppose you just made the best point. You clearly fully understand what youre speaking about, and I can actually get behind that. Thanks for being so upfront and so sincere.

  9. Hi Arlee,Blogging is fun! That’s probably why we spend so much time on it and not enough on our writing. (Although writing is fun, too–but it’s a different kind of fun.) I’m finding that with a stricter schedule I can get my 2 hours of writing in per day. Alas, I’d love to write more than that, but that’s all I can swing for now. Hopefully, you can strike the right balance for you, too. Thanks for commenting.

  10. Interesanta poveste… Imi plac cartile in care actiune se desfasoara intr-o academie, dar aici observ ca pericolul ii pandeste dincolo de zidurile acesteia si as fi curioasa sa vad cum se vor descurca cei doi cu toate acele creaturi 😀

  11. "I liked the universe better before I read that sentence…"Embrace the suck. it flows through all living things, and surrounds all of us. The sooner you surrender to the Suck, the sooner Mr Tire iron will be happy again.WV: Bacteda. I'm pretty sure my ex-wife gave me that, and only bathing in a strong bleach solution would remove it.

  12. this is a really fantastic way to look at it!!! i feel very similarly. as i made my new years resolution: eliminate waste… it’s not about losing weight, or becoming more organized, or about being nice all the time… to me it’s more about making the very BEST choices for me in my life, instead of settling for the GOOD choices.

  13. the following.1. தனியார் கல்வி நிறுவனங்களின் அநியாய கல்விக்கொள்ளைக்கு எதிராகப் போராடுவது. 2. அரசுப் பள்ளிகளை தரமாக நடத்தப் போராடுவது. இவை இரண்டும் நடைமுறை சாத்தியமானதே.Don’t you know that this is simple and why can’t surya and sasi understand this and fight for this. if they do next day CBI will be on their door to check their accounts, so they don’t fight against issues instead do cheep publicity.

  14. sep sep sep !!! temanku,ku sahabatku, saudaraku nan jauh disana aq salut dg cita2.mu semoga akan tercapai kelak, amien……… tp jgn skali2 lupakan saudaramu ini yaa !!! meskipun kurang lebih hanya setahun qta bertemu…….. kebersamaan qta jadikan suatu pengalaman yg terindah !!! i miss u so much ……….

  15. Sheila…I agree, the post is very misleading. It says it’s about how to get Carrie Underwood’s legs, but then suggests eating meat. Carrie Underwood is a strict vegan and does not consume any meat, poultry, fish, eggs, or dairy. The author here isn’t exactly being truthful.

  16. That's true. I don't talk often about this ruling because it's too ambiguous for me to make any claims. Although I think it's geared more towards the “promotional style” testimonials, I'm not comfortable enough to say one way or the other.

  17. I don't go looking for curriculum at Christmastime, but if I saw a good deal, especially for Apologia, I'd buy it. I don't know about where the best deals are for curriculum at Christmastime, but I find CBD to have cheaper prices than anywhere else, especially Amazon.

  18. The Writers were the sacrificial lambs last time. It was somebody else’s turn to play hardball. Since that didn’t happen I think the WGA (of which I’m a member) should get the little we can and move on. We can’t be the punching bag for the entire industry. I say, we make like Obama and roll over.

  19. yes to keep animal populations in check! I just made a Statement of Approval! go hate on religion somewhere else. we have the same goals. and we need other Christians to support this if we ever want change. while God made hippos and snakes Ect… Man made bombs guns Ect. so you can believe what you want and I will believe what i want.

  20. This is the first "annonymous" posted again: One more comment: The Tea Party has one enormous weakness in that it doesn't address national security at all. We've got conservative upon conservative talking the usual talking points (lower taxes, smaller government) without taking about the biggest issue that is threatening our nation. It's pathetic. End of rant.

  21. Great advice Shelli. I know I have to get on Twitter soon. It's hard to squeeze the time in.Two questions: Do you recommend glossy bookmarks or are they too hard to sign?What do you recommend doing with Twitter? I already follow a ton of blogs and can't spend much more time on it all. Thanks.

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