The Red Shift 19 ~ Sharing A Gibson with Martin Luther King





The Red Shift 19

Sorry I’ve been off the air for a few weeks now. It’s great to be back. Thought I’d ease back into it slowly with some easy listening alt/rock. Title of the show from one of my favorite bands, and there tribute to the great fighter for Human rights. Song was inspired by a dream frontman Kurt Wagner had about sharing a drink with Martin Luther King Jr. Anyways, enjoy the tunes, any suggestions or if your a band that needs airtime mail me at:


intro ~ b.o.c./unkle ~ everything you do … / i need something stronger
samaris ~ sólhvörf II
dirty art club ~ sunburnt
lambchop ~ sharing a gibson with martin luther king jr.
lambchop ~ gone tomorrow
wilco ~ bull black nova
first aid kit ~ the lion’s roar
belle and sebastian ~ seeing other people
unkle ~ ghosts
shins ~ simple song
wilco ~ (the song)
kings of convenience ~ toxic girl
husky rescue ~ rainbow flows
polly j ~ we float