The sour song show no.5 anti nazi special

                             the sour song show no 5


1.anti nazi cartoon

2.chumbawamba – the day the nazi died

3.Charlie Chaplin – The Great Dictator

4.crass – fight war not wars

5.silly nazi talk

6.dead kennedys – nazi punks fuck off

7.the oppressed – fuck fascism

8.grammer nazi

9.ewig frost – the anti nazi track

10.anti nazi league – carnival against nazis 1994

11.hellbastard – nazis killed

12.against all authority – war machine breakdown

13.caualites – kill a nazi

14.hellbastard – death camp

15.sacred reich – blue shirt,brown shirt

16.tagada jones – anti nazi

17.napalm death – nazi punks fuck off

18.neo nazism still alive in germany

19.anti nazi army