The Tapes on the Wrong Side

the tapes on the wrong side orange shadow0


Avant Reguard returns with 164 minutes of radio experimentation (something for everybody except nothing for most) involving alot of cut ups, rare film samples, italian disco, harsh noise, daphne oram, countdown with carol vorderman, religious cults speaking in tongues, world darts, berlins lifeloop, nycs zero gravity thinkers, glenn branca, avant reguard, australian aboriginal rights activist declan furber gillick, negativland (don joyce rip), shit and shine, pitch and putt, glitch and gut, cut ups, tape loops and significant numbers, all sprayed and sprinkled with a healthy and heavily dosed dollop of  culture jamming detournement please g-odd.
If the show is quite appealing please email me at; avantreguard(at) for a playlist breakdown.

This show is dedicated to 952, Don Joyce of Negativland(RIP), Mika Toner and Momette Waves