This 80’s American Hardcore Show Totally Rocks 11th May

New week, new show, punk tunes, let’s go.  After last week’s unscheduled hiatus we are back to where we started – punk tunes and lot’s them.  The order of the day is 80’s Hardcore from the American coasts (plus a couple from the middle and a few from Canada)  31 songs in 65 minutes, all of them absolute bangers.  Tune in for:

  1. Poison Idea
  2. Bad Brains
  3. Gorilla Biscuits
  4. Dag Nasty
  5. 7 Seconds
  6. Agent Orange
  7. FEAR
  8. The Middle Class
  9. Jerry Kids
  10. Youth Brigade
  11. The Freeze
  12. Zero Boys
  13. Really Red
  14. The Vandals
  15. DI
  16. Misfits
  17. Dayglo Abortions
  18. Suicidal Tendencies
  19. Los Crudos
  20. Minor Threat
  21. Angry Samoans
  22. Circle Jerks
  23. Black Flag
  24. Government Issue
  25. Dead Kennedys
  26. Gang Green
  27. Scream
  28. Bad Religion
  29. Descendents
  30. Dead Milkmen
  31. Big Boys

Tune in, rock out!!

Click the links for deadly old videos of the bands

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