This Albini Show Totally Rocks

I was thinking of doing a show with loads of noisy bands like The Jesus Lizard, Big Black, etc. this week and then The Shellac gig in the Tivoli was announced so I decided to do an all Albini show.  All songs played this week either feature Steve Albini as a guitarist or a producer.  Tune in for:

Big Black


Giddy Motors

The Jesus Lizard





The Pixies

The Amps

PJ Harvey

The Breeders

Bitch Magnet

Don Caballero

Melt Banana



Ty Segall

That’s your lot.  Tune in, Rock out!!!

6 Replies to “This Albini Show Totally Rocks”

  1. goodness gracious me, haven’t heard that bitch magnet track since the kevin st college years, a few thousand years ago…

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