This Dead Moon Super Fan Show Totally Rocks 19th January 2018


Tonight’s show is the culmination of dozens of drunken conversations. Late night promises that Willie, Natalia, Cameron and I would get together someday and do a Dead Moon radio show, have a few cans and possibly even have a few laughs.   Then around Christmas a date was finally suggested, FB message groups were created and preparation began.  What follows here is the result of this endeavour.  It is 3 full hours of Dead Moon tunes, interviews, trivia and stories.  (The lads’ level of fandom is off the scale)  As expected, there were a good few cans drank and a heap of laughs had.  Tune in for:


In a nod to Dead Moon’s tradition of lighting a candle on Loomis’ drum set at the beginning of a gig and playing till it burnt out, we lit this when we hit record and vowed to play tunes until it burnt out.  Unfortunately for us this was some kind of super candle and ended up burning all night.  None-the less what we got were three hours of some of the best radio you may ever hear.

If you don’t want to listen to it all in one go (or you want to skip straight to the third hour madness) I have included the show divided into three roughly hour long slots below.

Hour 1

Hour 2

Hour 3

Dog Tax