This John Rats Bombs Grit Show Totally Rocks

This week I am joined in Studio KClub by none other than John Rats Bombs Grit Church.  He is here to tell it like it is and play a few tunes to boot.  Tune in for an eclectic mix of tunes and a bit of what I believe the youth refer to as ‘bants’  Click play for

L’Amico Di Martucci 

Rats Blood

Striknien DC

Poison idea

Smart Cops

Dean Dirg

Wu Tang Clan

Faith No More and The Boo Ya T.R.I.B.E.

The Dogs

No Hope for the Kids


Autistic Youth

Defect Defect

Cerebral Ballzy



Brutal Knights


Thin Lizzy


Thanks for tuning in, you can click onto any of the words in John Rats Bombs Grit Church. to hear him play the shit out of the drums.  Big thanks to John for coming to the studio for the show and for being a bit of craic.