This New Nilz EP Totally Rocks, 25th January 2018

This week I am joined in the studio by Eddie Nilz who is here to talk about the new Nilz EP ‘Kiss Me My Executioner’  and its launch tomorrow night (26/01) at Drop Dead Twice.  We both ended up hearing a lot of bands we had never heard  or even heard of and had a bit of a laugh.  Eddie is a champion of supporting local music and the local scene,  so there is a good amount of lrish bands played as well as some exclusive new Nilz tunes off the new EP,.  Tune in for:

The Nilz x2

Future Hate

The Hatepinks

Dean Dirg

The Dangerfields

Idles – Queens


The Hanson Brothers



The Didjits

The Humpers

United Bottles

Grade 2


Violins is Not the Answer


Smart Cops

Pleasure Fuckers

Chinese Newspaper

The Jesus Lizard

The Dwarves



Henry Fiat’s Open Sore

The Nilz

Tune in, turn it up, go to the gig tomorrow night, support local music!!!