This New SHITHäTT EP Totally Rocks



New week, new show, new tunes , let’s go!!

The inspiration for this week’s show is taken from the brand new Shithatt EP, which young Conor Hickey was nice enough to send on to me and which gets a second launch (with the Nilz, Madhouse and Lawfucker) this Saturday  in the Warzone.  So this week has got two Shithatt bangers, a few other songs from bands from the West of Ireland (as well as one from the North and a few from the East) and a bunch of stuff from the West of America.  Tune in for:




The Nilz


Dancing French Liberals of 48

Atomic 61

The Spits

Royal Headache



Zulu as Kono


Sass Dragons

United Bottles

Stomach (don’t even bother trying to find anything on the internet about them – they were class though)

Fag Enablerz

Wild Rocket

Turn this one up, head up to Belfast for the launch, support local music, long live the Ballina Punx!!!