This New Zealand and Australia Show Totally Rocks.


This week we have special guest DJ  Cameron from such Dublin bands as Pozoga and Electric Bill and the Meter Readers and such culinary adventures as Tempeh burgers BBQ’ed in the laneway outside of Dalymount Park.   Cameron was good enough to join us in studio F to play an hour’s worth of tunes from Australia and his native New Zealand and have a bit of a chat about music from both near and far.  Tune in for said chats and tunes from:

The Riptides

The Innocents


Ayrian Army

The Scientists

The New Christs

Suicide Squad

The Bluestars

Darcy Clay

The Hard Ons


The Four Fours

The Products

Toy Love

Sticky Filth

Radio birdman

Thor’s Hammer

Most of these bands were new to me so clicking on the links will take you to wikepedia and discogs pages for more info.

Enjoy this one, I know I did and then head down to the gig mentioned at the end which this Saturday’s Buddyfest.