This Show Totally Rocks Numero Tres

This Show Rocks Numero Tres 11th October

Here we go again.  Another blast from the recent past here in radio land.  I was on a high for this week’s show, actually bringing the records into the studio (kitchen) like a proper DJ instead of just calling out the names of the digital files.  On the show this week, in a fairly particular order, are: The Damned, Generation  X, The Dickies, The Marked Men, The Briefs, Joe Jackson, The Go Go’s, Snuff, Supersuckers, The Wipers, The Zero Boys, Dwarves, The Boys, Dead Kennedys, D.O.A. Squeeze, The Jags, the objectorZ, The Weirdos and finally a hit from Faith No More.  Dig in and dig the tunes.