This United Bottles Album is Gonna Totally Rock

This week’s show is all about the new United Bottles Album that will be launched at the Voodoo in Belfast on Friday 7th July.  Marty was nice enough to send me a few tunes, which I have played here, and then the rest is a mix of Oi! and old school punk bangers.  Tune in for:

Social Distortion

United Bottles


Angelic Upstarts

The Partisans


Argy Bargy

Cockney Rejects


The Outcasts


Runnin Riot

Peter and the Test Tube Babies

Cock Sparrer

The Flys

UK Subs

The Ruts

The Stranglers

The Freebooters

United Bottles 


That’s your lot.  Tune in, head to the launch in Belfast!  All links this week take you to discog pages because it’s not likely you are going to walk into Tesco and pick any of this stuff up.