This ‘Whatever Garage You Want To Call It’ Show Totally Rocks

Most of tonight’s bands have been described as some sort of Garage at one point or another.  Garage Punk, Garage Pop, New Garage and just plain Garage.  Maybe we need a new term to describe big dirty rock and roll that has been produced in the last 10 to 15 years.  I don’t know.  What I do know is that all tunes this week rock and that you should totally hit play!  The ‘Garage’ bands played tonight are:

  1. Sedatives
  2. The Hex Dispensers
  3. High Tension Wires
  4. Snakeflower 2
  5. The Solarflares
  6. The Losin Streaks
  7. Matt K Shrugg
  8. Reigning Sound
  9. Jail
  10. Coconut Coolouts
  11. Venereans
  12. Sonido Alfredo
  13. Mano de Mono
  14. Jay Reatard
  15. The Hives
  16. The Briefs
  17. Something Fierce
  18. The Marked Men
  19. The Mean Jeans
  20. Moonhearts
  21. The Spits
  22. Sonic Chicken 4