19Radio 20th March 2020

New Radio Show for Extraordinary times.  I am going to play my wife and I’s record collection in alphabetical order from A to Z (hopefully won’t get anywhere near Zed!) 19 songs at a time.

It’s a low-fi affair.  All music will be ripped from an old Sony push button record player with vocal links done into the voice recorder app on my phone.  Some shows will inevitably be better than others (we  have some dodgy records between us), but they will be a much needed distraction for me and hopefully for you the listener as well.

Take care of yourselves, stay safe and keep that social distance!

Tune in for:


Alice Donut


Against Me x2

Arctic Monkeys x3

Adam and the Ants

Angry Samoans

Autistic Youth x2

Auz Fontaine

Bad Brains

John Spencer Blues Explosion

Bikini Kill

B-52’s x3