5 Class Raven Pieces

I have always tried to mark the passing of artists on my radio shows to celebrate that which lives on and that which stands as their artistic legacy.  This week we sadly mark the sudden passing of someone who I will remember as a friend and a fellow artist even if we circulated in different artistic circles.

Raven was a spoken word artist and a poet (among many, many other things)  who left an indelible mark on Dublin.  He was a source of inspiration for so many of those who met him, saw him perform or performed with him.  Ireland will be a much less colourful place without him.

So this week’s show is very different.  Its 5 Class Raven Pieces, 5 of his spoken word performances. 5 tracks bursting with brilliance and energy.


If you would like to view the sources for the audio please click on the links below:


Book Launch at Abner Browns

High John

Video taken outside of a Poetry festival which I can’t find outside of someone’s FB feed

At Amir’s Cafe