Adventures in Stereo #10

The ‘You Are Listening To’ websites mixes ambient music from SoundCloud with local police scanner feeds from the US, Canada and Australia.
I have placed a selection of tracks and scans to listen to that make amazing soundscapes.
You Are Listening To‘ was created by Eric Eberhardt.

Music / Scans

Luke Vibert & B.J. Cole – Intro

Daniel Dorobantu – Spacelove / CHP SFBA Golden Gate Division

Jani R – Unfold  / NYD Special Operations Division & Traffic

ajgenius – Choral Bloom  / LAPD Citywide Dispatch & Hot Shots

etokle – There Is No Teenage Love / Montréal City Police

signalsundertests – Axon (Reprise)  / Philadelphia Police – Citywide

MMI – Chefs Surprise  / Queensland Police (Brisbane) – Redcliffe & Caboolture