Adventures in Stereo #257

Cathal Coughlan (1961-2022)

Luke Vibert & B.J. Cole – Intro

The Fatima Mansions – 1000%

Microdisney – Loftholdigswood

Telefís – Ballytransnational

Sean O’Hagan – Candy Clock (feat. Cathal Coughlan)

Cathal Coughlan – The Copper Beech

Microdisney – Birthday Girl

The North Sea Scrolls – Enoch Powell Space Poet

Microdisney – Begging Bowl

The Fatima Mansions – Bertie’s Brochures

Cathal Coughlan – Ring of Fire

Microdisney – Town To Town

The Fatima Mansions – Angel’s Delight

Telefís – The Symphonies Of Danny La Rue

Cathal Coughlan – The Ghost Of Limehouse Cut

The Fatima Mansions – Only Losers Take The Bus