Adventures in Stereo #266

This adventure brings you into the world of Joe Meek who is said to have turned sound engineering upside down. This includes a rare interview with Joe interspersed with tracks he recorded during his career.

Luke Vibert & B.J. Cole – Intro

Joe Meek – Joe Remembers (Part 1)

The Millionaires – Wishing Well

Heinz – Just Like Eddie

The Athenians – Bouzoukis

Joe Meek – Joe Remembers (Part 2)

The Tornados – Telstar

John Leyton – Johnny Remember Me

The Packabeats – Theme From ‘The Traitors’

Joe Meek – Joe Remembers (Part 3)

The Blue Men – The Bublight

The Honeycombs – Have I the Right?

Geoff Goddard – Sky Men

The Tornados – Do You Come Here Often