Adventures in Stereo #285

This adventure reflects on the first fruit of the new labours of David Holmes who is releasing a new album shortly after many years. The first track released, ‘Necessary Genius’ featuring Raven Violet contains lyrics that pay homage to many artists and activists. This set features some of the artists mentioned. As ever, Enjoy!

Luke Vibert & B.J. Cole – Intro
David Holmes – Necessary Genius
John Coltrane – My Favorite Things
Serge Gainsbourg – Ballade de Melody Nelson
Nearly God – Poems
Skylab – Indigo (Sabres of Paradise Remix)
Ennio Morricone – Ninna Nanna Per Adulti
Nina Simone – My Sweet Lord / Today Is A Killer
Chumbawamba – Slap!
Sinéad O’Connor – Black boys on mopeds