Adventures in Stereo #73

This week movie trailers and music from classic horror movies. Try to enjoy, if you can!*
(*add your oun maniacal laugh here)

Shivers & Night of the Living Dead – Trailer

Friday the 13th Main Title – Harry Manfredini

Squirm – Trailer

Halloween Theme – John Carpenter

Children Shouldn’t Play with Dead Things – Trailer

Dracula’s Music Box – Robert Cobert

The Hypnotic Eye – Trailer

Anima Di Cristo – Broadcast

The Car – Trailer

The Car Theme – Leonard Rosenman

Burnt At The Stake – Broadcast

Texas Chainsaw Massacre – Trailer

Theme from Texas Chainsaw Massacre – Tobe Hooper & Wayne Bell

Piranha – Trailer

Hellraiser Box Theme – Coil

Rabid – Trailer

Clockworks (Bloody Elevators) – Wendy Carlos

A Goblin – Broadcast

Suspiria – Goblin

The Asphyx – Trailer

The Serpent’s Semen – Broadcast

Le Frisson Des Vampires – Acanthus

Daughters of Darkness – François de Roubaix

In Heaven (Lady in the Radiator song) – David Lynch / Alan Splet