All The Best Freaks Are Here – 01

This is the first episode of All The Best Freaks Are Here since the mid-90s on RadioActive FM. I am happy to be back and have enjoyed putting this hour together, however I did not enjoy doing the links. Look, it can only get better, right?
I’m going to be playing all sorts of stuff on this show but let’s not kid ourselves, it’ll be mostly rock. I’m not really in favour of posting playlists because that can be a quick and easy way of “listening” to the show but since this is the first show I will.
Thanks for listening!

1. Today Is The Day – Yo La Tengo  (Today is The Day EP, 2003)

2. I’m Just Happy To Be Here – The Pursuit Of Happiness  (The Wonderful World Of TPOH, 1996)

3. Angels & Devils – Glimmermen (I’m Dead, 2013)

4. Running In Place – Ovens (Ovens Triple LP, 2008)

5. The Life And Work Of Jean Vauvais – I’ll Eat Your Face (The Life And Work Of Jean Vauvais, 2013)

6. Beware My Love – Paul McCartney & Wings (Wings At The Speed Of Sound, 1976)

7. Starry Eyes – Motley Crue (Too Fast For Love, 1981)

9. Rabbit One – Masters Of Reality (Sunshine On The Sufferbus, 1993)

10. Magic Darts – Squarehead (Respect, 2013)

11. Last Day On Earth – Kinski (Cosy Moments,  2013)

12. I Will – Sebadoh (Defend Yourself, 2013)

13. Fender Stratocaster – Jonathan Richman (I Must Be King, 1998)

14. Steel Meets Steel – McGalligog (Powered By Death, 2011)

15. Opium Of The People – Slipknot (Vol 3 The Subliminal Verses, 2004)

16. Love Is Not The Answer – The Darkness (Hot Cakes, 2012)

17. Shudder In The West – The Spook Of The 13th Lock (The Brutal Here and Now, 2012)

18. Without You – Daniel Johnson (Is And Always Was, 2009)