Book launch, In Concert with Pete Holidai, Barry McCormack and guests – Liberty Hall, Jan 24

6:30 Cois Life Bar – Liberty Hall

So I blame The Radiators, Vox, A New Clear Threat and Loserdom fanzines – Rough Trade and Reekus records, Warzone Centre, Paranoid Visions, Crass and Flux of Pink Indians. They took the punk rock motto of anyone can be in a band and broadened it to anyone can do whatever they choose to with their art and creativity. because of that I played music, helped put on gigs, put our fanzines and now have published a book. Of course the beauty of DIY publishing is that every minutae is yours to be involved in. proof reading, layout, design, content, printing, publicity, press and now book launch which also means some sort of entertainment and refreshments. That launch will be tomorrow, Tuesday Jan 24 in Liberty Hall. It’s been some fun putting it together and a lot of hard work but seeing every page of the book we have spent hours and hours in producing makes it all worthwhile. We won’t change the world with it, we will raise a small drop in the ocean of funding that Irish Red Cross and so many other organisations need but we are trying. Come along, say hi and help us