Crap on the Radio Number 8

Here’s a re-run of show 8

thanks to Jonny’s Skateshop for the photo

  1. Stand down Margret – The Beat
  2. Stiff little fingers – The Vibrators
  3. living in the real world – Blondie
  4. On Ebay – Chumbawamba
  5. Sink that ship – Kaiser Chiefs
  6. Christine – The house Of Love
  7. Pretty Green – Mark Ronson
  8. All out to Get You – The Beat
  9. Babylons Burnin
  10. Wat About Di Working Claas? – Linton Kwesi Johnson
  11. Buffalo Stance – Neneh Cherry
  12. Clandestion – Manu Chau
  13. Hurling and Imperialism – Dick Lucas
  14. You me and the bourgeoisie – submarines
  15. Magazine – We start Fires
  16. Mannequin – Wire
  17. It’s Getting Boring By The Sea – Blood Red Shoes
  18. I heard Wonders – David Holmes
  19. Here we are Nowhere – SLF (what else could you play with one minute left on a friday night)


Crap on the Radio
Oh flip oh gosh oh golly gee We really shocked the local rock disc jock Oh crumbs oh boy oh sugar me The poor bloke nearly went right off his block We only told him what we did and didn't like And then we used that word and he jumped on the mike You can't say that on the radio You can't say that on the radio yes we all do it but you can't refer to it You can't say that on the radio