Cultural Diabetes Number 11

Welcome to Cultural Diabetes Number 11 where you will be subjected to the following noises…

Hollywood Squares – Hillside strangler

Despise You – Guilty view

Anti-Cimex – Gameof the arseholes

Government Issue – Familiar

Rest In Pieces – Jesus

Black Flag – Drinking and driving

Punch – We’re not in this together

Kuro – No more no

Systematic Death – Liar

Chicken Bowels – Keep our fires burning

Antischism – Slaughter

Minutemen – Little man with a gun in his hand

Battalion of Saints – Doomed world

Redemption 87 -At the hand of our disease

Zero Boys – Amphetamine addiction

Users – Sick of you

Easpa Measa – Beauty myth

Circle One  – Highway Patrolman

Minor Threat – Betray

Nuclear Death Terror – System Control

F-Minus – No sacrifice

Moutpiece – Stella


Enjoy! – B.A and Heather


Cultural Diabetes
Playing music really like which consists of Punk, Crust, Hardcore, Anarcho-punk,Ska and Eclectic Hosted by Heather and B.A Any requests, suggestions welcome