Cultural Diabetes Number 13

Its the Thirteenth Cultural Diabetes and this week we are going to be assaulting your ears with…..

You Suck! – Tribute my Ass

Henry Ford – Collective Seizure

Charles Bronson – Whatever Happened?

Disrupt – Domestic Prison

Negazione – Tutto Dentro

Citizens Arrest – Start Again

Stupids – Lifes a Drag

G.I.S.M – Nuclear Armed Hogs

Olho Seco – Havera Futuro

Powerage – WW3

Angelic Upstarts – Two Million Voices

Confines – Phoning It In

Killing Children – Boring

D.I.R.T -Democracy

Raw Power – Don’t Let Me See

Circle Jerks – Forced Labour

Cut The Shit – I Hate Fashion

Chaos UK – Four Minute Warning

Wretched – In Controluce

Ciunus – The Lie Untold

Jackbeast – Swelling

SFU – Still Fucked Up

Resist – Think Again

Big Boys – T.V

Throbbing Gristle – Something Came Over Me

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Cheers! – Heather and BA

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