Distraction Radio 12 08 20

New Week, New Show, loads more 7 Inches, Let’s go.

This week has been a labour of love.  I recorded the whole show only to realise there was a problem with the needle and the audio quality was not up to spec.  (I am aware of the feedback whine that comes when the music is very low, but that is a problem for another day)  But the tunes this week are too good to miss, so I re-recorded everything and even stuck a few station ID’s in for the craic.

Tune in for:


Dancing French Liberal of 48
The Dangerfields
Damien Frost
The Jimmy Cake
Dead Silence
Dead Kennedys
Devo – promo only not on Discogs
Don Caballero
Don Cabellero
Dry Heaves
The Dickies
Bob Dylan
Easpa Measa
Electric Eel Shock