Distraction Radio 25th March

I didn’t really like the name 19Radio.  The enjoyment I got out of doing the first one was that it was a lovely distraction from all that’s going on and I’d like it to be a distraction for the listeners as well, so from now on this is Distraction Radio.  Still 19 albums, still A to Z of the house collection.  This one is decidedly the least punk show I’ve ever done on radio (even less so than the one I did with my folks.), but its still full of great tunes.  I had to cap it at maximum of 3 albums of the same band at a time.  Tara and I have at least 5 Beatles Albums and Tara has 17 Belle and Sebastian Albums (I counted, it’s a stack!) The Beautiful South even makes an extended appearance None-the-less, it’s here, warts and all.  And it was a good distraction.

Tune in for:

Bad Sports

The Specials (Mis-filed under Bad Manners cuz its a compilation and I decided to play the Specials instead)

The (English)Beat x3

The Beatles x3

The Beautiful South x2

Beck x2

Belle and Sebastian x3

Blonde x2

David Bowie

The Boomtown Rats