Easy Snappin’ 36- Beatrice Banton Presents

This week special Guest presenter Beatrice Banton bangs out some classics from her collection of illegal mp3 downloads

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  • Carlos Dingo – Hong Kong Gangsters
  • The Dubtones- Aslyum
  • Autonomads – Dubbin Up The Downfall
  • Deviant & Naive Ted- excerpt of  Scunga Time (A Tribute To Flying Buttresses)
  • Lee Thompson ska orchestra ft. Bitty Mclean – fu manchu
  • Solo banton – one of the greatest
  • Madu – Sweet Sixteen
  • The Mighty Fishers -Hard  Life
  • Soulution- Steel
  • The Wailing Wailers – Rock Sweet Rock
  • Macka B – We’ve Had Enough!
  • Solas- Last of the Great Whales
  • Las Cuatro Monedas – Buena Suerte