Easy Snappin’ 38- Sounds of the Underground

Easy Snappin 38- August sixth
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  • Curtis Mayfield- the Underground (demo version)
  • The Expanders-Think Ruler
  • The Aggrolites- What a Complex
  • The Dubtones- Last Train Home
  • Jono Roche- Dublin City
  •  Macka B & Tony Rebel – Dj Unity
  • Cherry Natural- Stop the Madness
  • Cherry Natural- Memoirs of a Praying Mantis
  • Holly Mcnish- Foreign
  • Black Stalin-Revolution Time
  • Calypso Rose-Calypso Blues
  • Smiley Culture – Slam Bam
  • Dirty Revolution – Sometimes You’re Too Rude
  • Street Literature- Through The Years
  • Aggressors B.C. – Wish Your Life Away
  • Ultraviolent- Where Angels Dare Not Tread