Easy Snappin’ 72

There is loads of deadly shit goin’ on around Dublin City and elsewhere this weekend like:

This week’s playlist:

  • Steely & Clevie w.Theophilus Beckford- Easy Snappin’
  • Noel Sweeney- CCTV
  • Runnin Riot- Alcoholic Heroes/Judge, Jury and Executioner
  • Hamish Imlach -Kid’s Drinking Song
  • Rum Katastrophy- Fishermans Favourite/Leaches Reel
  • Derkovbois – Mi Vagyunk Az Alja
  • Rumba de Bodas- Nowadays
  • Captain Moonlight- Now We’re Hurlin’ (2014)
  • Free Radicals –  Every Wall
  • Mungo’s Hi Fi ft. Soom T – Run fool
  • Hard Skin – First Day Angry Song
  • Simple oul Salad

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