Enemy Radio # 12

Here it is. The long promised special episode featuring the one and only AstroMartin. We talk the science of sci fi, in particular Ghostbusters. Martin teaches us how to make a homemade proton pack!

We wandered around the Trinity college science labs for hours taking pictures of random nonsense. I’ve literally dumped them all here, some are doubled and sideways. Get over it. Fuck iPhone!

http://youtu.be/bXp8l4u60_Y – Youtube link to Martin sticking his finger in a mega laser!

AstroMartin sticks his finger into a hi power laser and feels the burn!  – Download the video of Martin sticking his finger into a mega laser!


Kings Of Nuthin’ – Drive all night

Koffin Kats – Graveyard Tree

Devils Brigade – Darlene

The Briefs – Destroy the USA

Control – Stand Up And Fight!