Everything Goes – #2





Hello there everyone!

So this week,I decided I’d dedicate the show to one of some of the best pop punk/emo bands I listen to. So check ’em out and see what ya think!


There, There – The Wonder Years

Myage – Descendants

March – Basement

Jeremy Drinks Bleach – Boys No Good

I Still Shut my Eyes – Citizen

Contour – Crucial Dudes

School Year Seperated – Driveway

Teach – Etcha

I Grew Up In  A Legion Hall – Fireworks

Clement’s Time – Kate’s Party

Arrows Crossed – Major League

Finsbury Park – Over Being Under

Home for Fall – Real Friends

Motivation – Sum 41

Something I Call Personality – New Found Glory

Growing Pains – Neck Deep

Daughters – The Story So Far

Listening – Tonight Alive

And Now,I’m Nothing – The Wonder Years


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