Everything Goes – #3




Xibalba – Cold

Seahaven – Save Me

The Safety Fire – Huge Hammers

A Wilhelm Scream – The Horse

Bang Bros – Get It Together!

Childish Gambino – Bonfire

Cruel Hand – Deadweight

Forsaken – Iron Rain

Four Year Strong – Maniac (R.O.D)

Hollow Truth – Prometheus Bound

Milestones – Pound of Flesh

Chewing on Tinfoil – Cutting Room Floor

Streetlight Manifesto – Would You Be Impressed?

Sylosis – Teras

Carcer City – The Road Journals

Hey there. I'm Kev. I'm a 22 year old Dubliner. Come check out my channel and have a listen. I'll be playing everything from punk to dubstep to rap to metal. Anything you can think,I'm gonna play it! Anywho,let get this show on the road. Peace!