GOTW Vol 2 show 8

Saturday 30th July 16.00hrs 

Groove on the Wireless  Volume 2 – show 8

Dr. Groove is back with a new show.  There’s been a hiatus, and adventures aboard.  The show starts with memories from the early 90’s when  we were all lying on the floors in the small hours listening to music like that in the Fisherman mix.   We are living in a wild time and emerging out into a world that contines to spin on, and that draws me to the songs of examination of the human condition.  Nick reminds us that we’er amazing, and this is something I know is true.  So look after each other. 

In set two, Dr. Groove presents a bit of a bop;  for goodness sake, give your soul over to a dance.

Love & Rage

Dr. Groove


      1. Mia   ––>  The Fisherman Mix 
      2. Weyes Blood ––> Titanic Rising
      3. Weyes Blood ––>  Wild Time
      4. The Smile ––> Free in the knowledge
      5. Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds ––> Ghosteen
      6. Haai ––> Head Above the Parrakeets
      7. Rival Consoles ––> Vibrations on a String
      8. Tr one ––> Pitchshift feat. Elaine Dowling 
      9. Overmono ––> BoneMics
      10. Haai ––> Baby, We’re Ascending with Jon Hopkins
      11. KH [Fourtet] ––> Looking at your pager 
      12. Wet Leg ––> too late now


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