Groove On The Wireless 203

Dr. Groove returns with a polka  from the self styled Dublin folk miscreants – Lankum,  for their new album – Between the Earth and  Sky.  They recently played the National Concert Hall and the Dr. was there to see that seminal moment, and we wish them continued success.  Bladerunner 2049 is there for you all to see, and the soundtrack features some great music, so that is in the mix.  Mostly good music for an hour, thats the deal, you know it by now, enjoy.



  1. Lankum – The Towies Polka
  2. Juana Molina – Cosoco
  3. Hans Zimmer & Benjamin Wallfisch – Sea Wall – Bladerunner 2049-
  4. The Blades  – Downmarket
  5. The Knife – Reindeer
  6. Miles Davis – Saeta
  7. James Welsh – The Way
  8. Bank Mass – No Lite
  9. Nesta Kerin Crain – Gongs in the Rain
  10. To follow

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