Groove On The Wireless 259

Wonderful thing baby, is what this show is or aims to be.  The Dr. was greatly pleased that his deck was not in mono as he suspected it was, and then put together this show or mostly vinyl, listen out for all the crackles, stops, loops and pops.  From his Maz back-garden and looking at apples weighing down the tree….He cannot get it together to get it together to get a new mic working, but you know, its a wonderful thing, baby, one hour of good music a week.


  1. Ramsey Lewis Orchestra – Dear Prudence
  2. Al Wilson – Dolphins
  3. Close encounters – loop
  4. The Steve Miller Band – Macho City
  5. Tranquility Bass – They came in peace
  6. Roxy Music – Every Home A Heartache
  7. Beak> Birthday suit
  8. Moodyman – I’ll Provide
  9. This Heat – 24 track loop
  10. Kid Creole and the Coconuts – I’m a Wonderful Thing Baby

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