Groove On The Wireless 261

Dr. Groove had an insane week, where he knew not the day nor the hour, and found himself standing in front of ATM’s keying in wrong codes and continuously cancelling and repeating the mistakes.  So the prescription, one hour of good music is as much for him as for you….

In all this madness try and leave the space to allow our lives to be shaped by what we love

  1. AC/DC  – Hells Bells
  2. Double Dee & Steinski – We’re in a lot of trouble
  3. The Jimi Hendrix Experience – Star Spangled Banner
  4. Curtis Mayfield – Hard Times – from There’s no place like America Today
  5. Durand Jones and The Indications -Morning in America
  6. Helado Negro – Todo Lo Que Me Falta
  7. Moodyman – Deeper Shadow (feat. Sadie Walker)
  8. The Rolling Stones – Miss You (Dance Version, feat. Billy Preston)
  9. Prince – Money don’t matter 2 night
  10. Thom Yorke – Runwayaway
  11. Double Dee & Steinski – Don’t Try – Just Do it
  12. The good, the bad and the queen – The truce at twilight
  13. Odyssey – Our Lives are shaped by what we love

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