Groove On The Wireless 262

Dr. Groove contemplates the madness of the bollox Boris,  and his bonkers Brexit and his wish to end up dead in a ditch!  That influenced the good music of this hour. Remember that you may already be @ and let the music soothe your soul

  1. Robert Wyatt – Raining in my heart
  2. Vangellis – Tears in the Rain – Blade Runners (OST)
  3. The The – The sinking feeling
  4. Scritti Politi – Lions After Slumber
  5. Jon Hopkins – Abandon Window
  6. Leon Vynehall – It breaks (Chapter IX)
  7. Burial – Hiders
  8. Portishead – Nobody Loves You
  9. Thom Yorke – I am a very rude person
  10. Hans Joachim Rodelius – Skizzee 3 By This River
  11. Bill Evans – Peace Piece

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