Groove On The Wireless 270

Dr. Groove, a ten year old boy heard the last tune when he was in Drogheda one Sunday evening, as the song began its climb up the charts and it proved to be seminal one hit wonder, but a precursor to what was to come.   Before we get there, good music for your aching head, an oasis in the chassis, a port in the storm of your week, this is GOTW.

Exarcheia wall, Athens


    1. Nick Cave – Waiting for you

    2. Prins Thomas – Arabisk Natt (Dub)

    3. Christian Lóffler – Pale Skin

    4. Pedrinho – Odio Sem Valor

    5. Lisa O’Neill – Same Cloth or Not

    6. Depeches Mode – Freestate (Clarke Remix)

    7. Daft Punk – Quo vadis

    8. David Bowie – Always Crashing in the same car

    9. African’s with Mainframes – Vibrations from the Serrengette II

    10. Tony Allen – Nepa (Dance Dub)

    11. M- Pop Muzick (1979)

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