Groove On The Wireless 278 Salute to Andrew Weatherall

A shocking loss, is the only thing to call it.  There has always been a deep connection between Andrew Weatherall and the Dublin scene.  He signed up Decal to the Sabrettes label and always supported them, and they regularly featured on his mix selections.  He performed an impromptu set for a bunch of friends who were running a club night called Neuromantek.   All giving and generous of his time, he was a seeker, a selector, a champion for others, a producer, a DJ,  and an artist who became known affectionately as the Governor.  He was never ‘Careering*’.   Gradually, he became exemplar within the tribe.

Bolano said of Literature

”Literature is very similar to the battles of samurais, but a samurai doesn’t fight against another samurai: he fights against a monster. What’s more, generally he knows he’ll be beaten. Being brave enough, already aware you’re going to be beaten, to go out and fight: that’s literature.”

Andy Weatherall did the same with music.  He battled the monsters, he was brave, he was the lone swordsman, shining from the margins, being a shadow on the horizon in left field, living by his code, and making it ours.  He showed us the way.

Andrew Weatherall “If you’re not on the margins, you’re taking up too much room.” Thomas Mason did picture

*Listen to PIL song of same name


  1. Primal Scream ->  Loaded (background)
  2. Sabres of Paradise -> Smokebelch II performed by Maxence Cyrin
  3. Joe Boot and the Fabulous Winds -> Rock N’Roll Radio
  4.  Primal Scream -> Higher Than The Sun – (A dub symphony in two parts)  with a sample from Andrew Weatherall explaining the dynamics of the dancehall
  5. Sabres of Paradise -> Wilmot
  6. Two Lone Swordsmen -> Section
  7. Two Lone Swordsmen -> Beacon Block
  8. Two Lone Swordsmen -> As the Worldly Pleasures Wave Goodbye…
  9. Radioactive Man ->Uranium
  10. Two Lone Swordsmen -> Glide by Shooting
  11. Technova  -> Atmosphere
  12. Primal Scream -> Keep Your Dreams
  13. Two Lone Swordsmen -> Smokebelch II

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