GOTW Plague Tapes #47

Monday June 8th 23.45 Plague Tapes #47

Well it has been a hell of a run, in the 100 days of this plague, our almost daily show has managed to nearly clock up 50.   We will be scaling this back to two shows a week, so expect #PT#48 at the end of this week.   What did you do in the plague ?  Dr. Groove and Andrew did public service broadcasting.  This show has news and details of the math and what we cover is below in the tracklisting.

As befits this show, the music that precedes the news is absolutely all over the place, from Can to Duke Ellington to Mogwai, amazing hip hop from Jaguar Skills mix, Link below, and we finish with a message from Mike James Kirkland – Hang On In There.  I guess that’s what we did, we did not give in, we hung on in there, and now we emerge from lockdown knowing that we flattened the curve, what are WE going to do next, what are WE going to change next?

Love & Rage,

Dr. Groove

Billboard in Pimlico



  1. CAN –> Halleluwa – Orbus 2
  2. Burial –> Archangel
  3. Ambulance –> Kurant [Repaired by booger]
  4. Burial –> Endropphine
  5. Marvin Gaye –> If I should Die Tonight
  6. Marvin Gaye –> Keep Getting It On (edit – snippet)
  7. The Blue Nile –> Heatwave
  8. The Toubeneck Brothers –> Back To The Hip Hop
  9. The Neville Brothers –> Wake Up
  10. Duke Ellington –> Duet
  11. Jaguar Skills –> JAGUAR SKILLS HIP-HOP TIME BOMB: SPECIAL EDITION – F**K RACISM  [Arrest the President] 
  12. Mogwai –>  Robot Chant
  13. Duke Ellington –> Duet
  14. Mogwai –> Sine Wave
  15. Talking Heads –> No Compassion
  16. Dr. Dre –> Nothin’ But A “G” Thing feat. Snoop Dogg
  17.  Mike James Kirkland –> Hang On In There
  18. Jaguar Skills -> Mo’s from the previously mentioned mix F**K Racism
  19. Mike James Kirkland –> Hang On In There

News with Andrew: Cases running below 25> we think;  What does our new normal look like; The letter signed by the 1000 experts,  We are down to two press conferences a week; What does the sheer volume of BLM protests tell us, includuing one in Dingle today!; Opening up the economy what does that look like, and how we can’t be NZ, living as we do beside the UK, What happens with the North and travel arrangements, all the problems that we had before C19 emerged on the horizon now await us in phase 2, we decide to go to two shows a week.

18. Jaguar Skills  ~~>   F**K Trump reprise


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