GOTW Plague Tapes # 60

Friday 11th September  21.00hrs

Plague Tapes #60 Dr. Groove is back with number 60 of the Plague Tapes coming to you on 9/11 in 2020, and the plague continues.   We are on the rise, feeling slightly better, but also because I am escaping to the West.  The music is so good, I found it hard to interrupt.  Andrew brings us the news, and we see where we are heading in Covid 19 terms.

News with Andrew, we go through the dashboard.  We talk about the Government and its latest attempt to exert control over NPHET, and what that is about.  It is the cost of doing business, and that cost is often people.  We appear to have learned little from what we have gone through already, and now we go on with Universities returning, pubs being pubs and giving up the illusion of providing food, and the message is that people should stop meeting in family groups, family parties.   The virus continues to take lives.  We must continue, to do the right thing, even if the gobsh1tes in power only have ears for the business folk.

Meanwhile in CA – people wake up to Blade Runner mornings which have the end of the world write large in the low orange sky.


Love & Rage,

Dr. Groove


  1.  DJ Koze ––> Music on my teeth feat. Jóse Gonzalez
  2.  Bicep ––> Vespa
  3. Bicep & Ham   ––> Dahlia
  4. Owiny sigma Band ––> Norblat Okelo
  5. Y’ousso N’Dour   ––> Reggey
  6. MeKurya Gettachew ––> Aha Gédawo
  7. Fontaines DC  ––> Living in America
  8. Tortoise  ––> Almost always is never enough
  9. Big Thief ––> Shoulder
  10. Heldado Negro  ––> Running
  11. Benoit Pioulard ––> Ash into the Sky
  12. Slowdive __> Falling Ashes
  13. Sun Kil Moon  ––> I Can’t Live Without My Mother’s Love
  14. Radiohead ––> Good Morning Mr. Magpie
  15. Yo Lo Tengo  ––> Ashes

News with Andrew: Taking a closer look with cases bobbing around at about 170 on average a day.  We are going up, and we have little capacity.  We don’t appear to have much of a plan, except to put someone over NPHET, and there is a world wide reagent shortage which we are facing into. Dublin is an issue – 80 cases per 100k, R is 1.4, and what contact tracing is telling us is that infection rates running at 8%.  Hard to find good stuff here as we go into opening up more…

17. Double Dee & Steinski  ––> I’ll Apologize And Vote Democrat


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