GOTW Plague Tapes #61

Friday 25th September  10.00hrs

Plague Tapes #61 comes to you with Dr. Groove back from the west where he escaped all the C19 pestilence and following the various levels and chatter about lockdown and opening ‘wet’ pubs.  There nearly never was a PT61 and but for the life saving leg rope of a surfer, from the West Dr. Groove would not have returned.   So the sea and water feature in terms of the musical selection.

News with Andrew, discusses what’s happened since we were away.  We have gone up in terms of averages, from 160 (7 day average, [7DA] on 9/10th September) to 277  7DA yesterday.  We are experiencing the limits of our health care system.   We tell the story of the man who went to a football match and hung out in the dug out – resulting in 22 cases.   Andrew talks about contact tracing and swabbing and how the timeliness is everything with this.   R -the infection rate – might well have been up at 1.7 over a week ago and thankfully is now on it’s way down again. Briefly we discuss the international situation and then finally we talk about the race for a vaccine.

Love & Rage,

Dr. Groove


  1. The Beta Band ––> Rhodendron
  2. Jaco Pastorious  ––> Donna Lee
  3. Nick Drake   ––> Pink Moon
  4. Cat Power  ––> Sea of Love
  5. Leon Vynehall   ––> From the Sea / It looms
  6. The Waterboys  ––>  This is the Sea
  7. Two Lone Swordsmen ––> As Worldly Pleasures Wave Goodbye
  8. Fairport Convention ––> Tale in the Hard Time
  9. The Beach Boys  ––>  Cool, Cool Water
  10. Laurie Anderson & Kronos Quartet  ––> The Water Rises
  11. Moby   ––>  God moving over the face of water
  12. Blondes  ––> Water (Bicep remix)
  13. Aphex Twin ––> Quino-Phec
  14. Brigid Mae Power ––> Head Above Water

News with Andrew: Taking a closer look at our 7 day averages, touching on the vested interests and the race for a vaccine

15. SAULT ––> Rise