GOTW Plague Tapes #10

The plague all got a little close today, and very real for me today and it resulted in this strange show.

We have news at the end with Andrew, and we need to model ourselves on Korea for the proper flattening of the curve.  There is a link below – interview with Professor below – click on it and learn.

So that determined the last choice of track…

Stay home and stay safe, do the right thing,


Dr. Groove


That interview with Professor Kim Woo-Joo

We all need to listen and learn from the Korean model.



1. Beta Band —> Broke (12”)

2. Tricky —>  Aftermath

3.  Yellow Magic Orcherstra —> Light in Darkness [The 808 State Ambient Reprise] 12”

4.  Nick Drake —> River man

5.  John Martyn —>  Could not love you more

6. Brian Eno —> By this River

7.  Shango —> Thank You

8. Curtis Mayfield —> Give me your love

9. Air —> Playground Love (from Virgin Suicides OST)

10. Prince —> Beautiful ones

11. Curtis Mayfield —> Nothin’ to say

12.  Moodyman —> Mahogany

13. Japan —> Quite Life 7”

14. Explosions in the Sky —> Be comfortable, Creature

Trigger warning:

News with Andrew

15.  PSY —> Gangam Style

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