GOTW Plague Tapes #104

Saturday 14th August 11.30hrs   

Plague Tapes #104

We recorded the news on Friday the 13th – and then I put together the show on a rainy Saturday morning in August.  We went for a noiser show – to begin with and had some banging beats later for a bit of a kitchen bop.  I mentioned this book by Heather McGhee, draining the pools, which I heard on a Ezra Klein podcast which came from a recommendation.


Dublin me Dublin

News: Not good news, and still people appear strangely calm, is how I would interpret this.  Andrew brings us up to speed with the status of C19 – and Delta.  We had 1978 cases yesterday and we are now running with a 5 day average of 1746 cases.  WE talk about ICU beds and capacity and look at the strains that are coming onto the health service.  We can measure the cost of opening up, and it appears we have now entered a period of waiting to see if this levels off, or where we going with this.  We have not had a NPHET press conference in over three weeks.  It appears that all are awaiting to see the trajectory of this, or if we manage to squeeze past this thanks to high levels of vaccination, and that we don’t manage to break the health system. That is where we are at, the calculations have been made and we have set out course, so now we wait and see where this is going.

Love & Rage,

Dr. Groove

Love & Rage,

Dr. Groove


  1. Gang of Four —>Damaged Goods  
  2. Yeah Yeah Yeah’s —> Our Time    
  3. Laura Marlin-> Alexandra
  4. Suicide  —> Keep your dreams 
  5. Fontaines DC  —> Love is the main thing  
  6. Wet Leg  —> Chaise Longe
  7. Tr-one  —> Europa 
  8. Arnaud Rebotini —> Trans Europe Express 
  9. Mark Flash   —> Precious (Original Mix) 
  10. Robert Amrani—> Circus Bells [Hardfloor Mix] 

News at 72 mins  – see above for what’s covered

11. Soccer96 –> I was gonna fight fascism feat. Alabaster De Plume

12. Stereo MC’s —> What is Soul Pt.1 [edit]



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