GOTW Plague Tapes #23

Dr. Groove returns with over an hour of good music and then news, or what passes for real news, in the USA where the Mayor wants to open Las Vegas for business, and offers up it’s citizens and workers as a test case or control.   Yeap, we know it sounds like parody, but alas it is real.  These people aren’t even pretending not to demons anymore.

Then we have the real news, where Dr. Groove chats with Andrew about where we are at in the fight against Covid19.


1. ESG —>  Tiny Sticks

2. Bill Withers —>  You

3. DJ Krush —> Kemuri

4. John McLaughlin —> Sirens

5. Jeff Buckley —> So Real

6. Yo La Tengo —> Let’s Be Still

7. Susumu Yokota —Akwa Fuji

8. Blaze —> The other side

9. Phylyps Track —> 1/11 on Basic Channel

10.  DJ Kust —> Set Speed

News with Andrew

11. Captain Moonlight —> Rise of the Untermensch


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