GOTW Plague Tapes #45

Wednesday, 09:00 – 3rd June  2020.

Plague Tapes comes to you with music of the soul which appears to be asking the same question, from Whitey on the Moon, to Our day will Come from Isacc Hayes.   Our minds have been turned to the open rebellion in the streets of America, and how that militarised state has reacted.   We even have had solidarity protests here in relation to this.   Andrew brings us the latest from the world of Covid19 where we touch on the following subjects:

and listen to Cornel West on Black Lives matter movement and bout the rebellion in Minneapolis and the blues line of Beckett

The low cases < 10 here

Tactics of whack a mole, which will now be deployed.

Discussion at NPHET on the large Black Lives Matter protest at the weekend

Love & Rage,

Dr. Groove


1.  Gil Scott Heron   —> Whitey on the Moon

2. Billy Paul —>Am  I Black Enough

3.  The Last Poets   —> It’s For You  

4.    Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five  —> The Message

5.  Durand Jones –> Morning in America

6. Public Enemy –> Lost at Birth

7. Public Enemy –> Fight the Power

8. Gil Scott Heron –> Inner City Blues

9. Marvin Gaye –> What’s going on

10. NWA  –>  Straight Outta Compton

11. The Isley Brothers –> Fight the Power Pts. 1 and 2

12. Isacc Hayes –> Our Day will Come

13. Masstive Attack –> Group 4 (Exchage)

14. Massive Attack –> Exchange

15. Rebel MC –> Rich are getting richer [Orchestral Instrumental]

News with Andrew: Cases running below 10> today; much consternation about the demo’s around BLM on Monday which had 5K at it according to the Irish Times,  Context is that 60,000 people returned to work.  We now are at the stage where we can to Trace Test Trace, and also do that in the next level out,  and we expect outbreaks, but it appears that we have the infrastructure and cases at such a low volume that we should be able to deploy a rapid response team.

16. Massive Attack   ~~>   Exchange reprise


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