GOTW Plague Tapes #51

Thursday  16.00hrs June 25th

Plague Tapes #51 comes to you on a beatuiful hot day in our summer of plague.   The beats, are what we hear and what we chase in this show, as the work of J Dilla is new to me and has inspired me to go hunting down that sound.   We also have just plain old good music all the way through with some rambling links from Dr. Groove and….

News with Andrew, we look at how the cases continue to fall in the right direction, below twenty, as Phase 3 relaxations come into effect on Monday the 29th.  IBEC continue to drive for more changes including a lifting of quarantine, and Andrew maps just what that could look like for all of us, and how we’ll have achieved nothing and gone backwards.  IBEC love making sacrafices to the mysterious gods of the economy and markets, with nothing that looks like result, and in this case all that would result in is more deaths.   The UK continues to be in trouble with cases being very high, yet they too are tranisitioning back to economic activiity without having gotten the virus under control.

Love & Rage,

Dr. Groove


  1. Kid Cudi ÷> Just what I am feat. King Chip
  2. J. Dilla ––> My Victory [Instrumental]
  3. Herbie Hancock ––> Gentle Thoughts
  4. Alexanders Dark Band ––> Jimmy’ Stroll
  5. Tribe Called Quest  ––> Excursions
  6. Cobre  ––>  Meet My Phantoms
  7. Tricky ––> Black Coffee
  8. Nightmares on Wax ––> Stars [Instrunmental remix by NOW] from the 12″ Still Smoking II
  9. Yazoo ––> Didn’t I bring your Love Down
  10. Alexander’s Dark Band ––> Vex Disco – with the voice of Howard Zinn
  11. J. Dilla ––> 1nce Again – [Instrumental]
  12. Headhunters ––> Watermelon Man
  13. Nirvana ––> All Apologies

News with Andrew:  Cases low,  on for  Phase 3 is sure to happen on the 29th June and we are hoping to get into the whack a mole containment of any outbreaks.  Meanwhile the goons from IBEC want quarantining such as it is to be totally lifted, and we discuss just what a monstrously bad idea that would be.  The UK and the US are in big trouble and quantantining needs to be sorted, as our little island is wide open to the C19 coming back with a vengence from those places which have absymally failed to deal with it.

14. Apehex Twin ––>   Bike Pump Meets Bucket [taken from 12″ Quoth Single]


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