GOTW Plague Tapes #52

Friday 3rd July 14:00hrs

Plague Tapes #52 is a long one with the standard format, of about an hour of good music, mostly beats, hip hop, and then a bit of wild guitar noise at the end.

We have an interview with Fin Dwyer, the historian behind the popular Irish History Podcast,  in order to get an historians point of view on the uncertain times that we all find ourselves in.

News with Andrew, we catch up with how the domestic battle against Covid 19 is going,  we correct our figures on confirmed new daily cases in the USA going over 40,000, and is over 50,000 again today.   We sketch out the dangers of not gettting quarantining on a more certain, statutory footing, given that the Civil service who were doing it have said that they will not be doing it anymore.   The casual nod and wink arrangment seems to be wonderfully illustrated in phase 43 with no enforcement  around our restaurant/pubs opening up and defying health and safety guidlines.   In Phase 3 we had the debacle around mask wearing on public transport, and how ill prepared or messaged that was.

We now sit and wait for the surge, and hope it’s not massive, before we get to Phase 4.

Love & Rage,

Dr. Groove


  1. Ray Brooks & The Artistc Truth –> Black Survival
  2. Yourdewan ––> 93
  3. War –> Youngblood (Living in the Streets)
  4. Steview Wonder ––> Black Man
  5. Name ––> 12
  6. An Galar Dub ––> 180 Echo (edit)
  7. Jasri X ––> Who’s Really in Control?
  8. Illdependents –> Retort read by Stephen Rea
  9. Name ––> At Night
  10. Tricky ––> Hell is round the corner
  11. Octagon Man Versus Depth Charge ––> The Toy Box
  12. An Galar Dub ––> echo 180
  13. Joy Division ––> Disorder
  14. The Stooges ––>Search & Destroy

Intererview with Fin Dwyer from the Irish History Podcast to get an historian’s view on these uncertain times.

News with Andrew:  Cases low,  on for  Phase 3 is sure to happen on the 29th June and we are hoping to get into the whack a mole containment of any outbreaks.

15. That’s all folks…


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